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     "I've known Jerry Morgan for over 4 decades. He built my former home in the late 90's in the East Mountains and later built a 1000 sq ft addition to my current home about a decade ago.


    At that time, I was considering Solar; however, the price point wasn't quite right for me to take the plunge. A couple of years ago when Jerry decided to start installing Solar systems, I knew the time was right.


    Jerry is a forward thinking guy so when he built my addition, he also ran some empty conduit from my electric meter, up through the addition walls to the roof.


    That's one of the things that I like about Jerry, he identifies and suggests things that would be easy now (they needed to dig trenches and run power anyway) that could save money in the future. So, when he added Solar to the roof of my addition, he didn't need to tear up my yard to do it. Most importantly, Jerry stands behind his work.


    I know that he gave me warranties when he built my house, built the addition, and installed Solar; but truthfully, I never read the fine print. In the rare cases that I discovered a problem I just called him up and he fixed it. Period. That's another reason that I like working with Jerry instead of a corporation with a team of lawyers and accountants. While we've always signed contracts, I know that the real deal has been sealed with a handshake.


This is all to say that I highly recommend Jerry for any solar installation. With his extensive knowledge, experience, and integrity, you will get much more than a clean install." 

Matthew Brown 

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