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Not Your Typical Solar Installer

Unlike most solar installers, we don’t want our clients to buy a system that will simply offset your existing electrical consumption. We want to work with our clients to reduce their electrical consumption needs. We carefully inspect your home or business to ensure all existing fixtures, appliances, and equipment are operating to its most energy efficient capacity.


Before we start any project, whether it’s commercial or residential, we believe it’s crucial to inspect and compare the various technologies and specifications to meet specific performance demands of any project. This is to ensure we confidently exceed performance expectations.


Sandia Mountain Solar has longstanding partnerships with various manufacturers and can provide the highest quality system with the most comprehensive warranty package.


Sandia Mountain Solar is proud to be one of the very few solar companies to be able to handle all building and capital improvement projects. We operate with licenses in General Contracting, Electrical, and Mechanical to address any of your needs. 

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